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Weekly Q&A: Tell me the truth

By Nicole Kay

Q. We’ve had our house appraised but the pricing given by agents varies by over $100,000. We’ve bought already and need as much as we can to make the move? Chris N

Hi Chris,

It’s very common to get a variation in pricing, don’t fall into the trap! Often you’ll have 2 opinions close together or at a level you expected and then a third one comes in at a much high level. If it can’t be justified with recent similar property sales near you then it’s probably not the most educated opinion and engaging this agent will likely be a disappointing and costly experience.

My advice, make your decisions based on the resources an agent can bring to your sale, evidenced by their track record. Ask for examples of homes they’ve sold and clients they’ve worked with. Do they have the best exposure in your market? Everyone has access to data on pricing, the real question is, What are you going to do to deliver a greater result than market value?


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