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Below you will find some frequently asked questions, however if there is still anything you need assistance with please give us a call, email us, or come and visit our office and one of our team can assist you.

What are the dates for in-room auctions this year?

All of the in-room auction dates for the Belle Property Auction Centre can be found under the Auctions tab. You can also view upcoming properties for auction as the date approaches.

Click here to go to the 2019 Auction Dates page

Click here to go to the In Rooms Auctions page for upcoming auctions

Do I have to register to come to the auction?

Everyone is welcome to come along to our auction evening, and you do not need to register to attend. However if you want to bid on a property you will be required to register.

What do I need to bring to an auction to register to bid?

A drivers licence is best. If you do not hold one you need a card or document issued by a government or financial institution that shows your name and address. For example a passport or medicare card along with a utility bill or statutory declaration stating your address.

Click here to download the Proof of ID Checklist

What if I want to bid but I can't come to the auction?

If you can't attend the auction in person, you can arrange someone to bid on your behalf at the auction, or you can bid via the telephone with one of our agents. There is more information on what documentation you need below.

What documentation do I need to bid on behalf of another person?

If someone is bidding on your behalf, you must provide an authority for them to act on your behalf even if you are present at the auction. They will also need proof of their identity.

Click here to download the form for Bidding Authority - In Person

Click here to download the form for Bidding Authority - Phone Bidding

What documentation do I need to bid on behalf of a company, superfund or trust?

If you are bidding on behalf of a company, superfund or trust, a letter of authority must be provided. It must contain full details of the company including the registered address and ABN as the company’s proof of identity. This authority is still required even if you are the sole director of the company.

Click here to download the form for Bidding Authority - Company, Super Fund or Trust

How much deposit do I need to pay on the night?

As per the contract of sale, the standard deposit amount is 10% of the purchase price. However if another amount has been agreed upon by all parties, solicitors and the agent has been notified prior to auction, this amount will be payable.

How can I pay the deposit?

Deposits can be paid on the evening by personal/bank cheque, by electronic funds transfer (EFT) or by deposit bond if agreed in advance. Please keep in mind that you will need to notify your bank 2-5 days prior to the day of the auction to have your daily transfer limit increased to cover the deposit.

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