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Selling in Spring - Our Top Tips

There is a buzz throughout the real estate industry when spring rolls around. More stock comes on to the market and buyers turn out in full force. But this influx of stock means more competition from a vendor and buyer perspective. Presenting your property in the best light is vital to getting the sale price you’re after, especially in a busy spring market. Here, we explain the simple tips and tricks you can use to prepare your home for a stand-out spring sale.

Clean and declutter

According to mess and chaos is one of the top turn-offs for buyers, so to prep for a spring sale, you must invest in a good clean and declutter. "Decluttering and cleaning not only adds to the visual appeal of the home but allows potential buyers to see the true size and scale of the property. Decluttering helps your potential buyer to imagine themselves in the space.  It makes your property seem larger than it is, which is advantageous when it comes to price. And of course, a good quality spring clean helps to showcase the property’s best features. It also implies that it has been well looked after and there will be no wear and tear issues with the home.”

Consider your curb appeal

When you’re preparing for a sale, look at your home as an overall package. Curb appeal is just as important as the interiors. In fact, according to Domain, improving your home’s exterior is the number one way you can add value to your home on sale day. Give your garden a once over, mow the lawn, sweep the pathways, prune hedges and consider planting fresh seasonal flowers. “Remember to maintain your garden and exterior appeal throughout the marketing campaign as potential buyers can and will drive-by any day or time of the week.”

Make minor repairs or renovations

Your real estate agent will let you know what aspects of your home will appeal to buyers the most and will help you to play up those features during your sale campaign. They may even make recommendations for minor repairs or renovations to the property if they think it will impact your sale price. “If the house needs painting, a fresh coat can add a lot of value and appeal, especially in a competitive market. A good real estate agent may also point out small changes that have the potential to improve the overall look and feel of an entire room, new tapware in bathrooms or kitchens is a good example of a simple reno that can add a lot of style to a property. New window shutters or curtains – or even polishing floorboards can also go a long way in improving the look of a room – ultimately leading to a more competitive price.”

Style your home for sale

Spring is the time when people want to be outdoors again, so when you’re styling your home for sale, it’s worthwhile using this to your advantage. “Professional styling is paramount in a lot of markets. According to, styling your home could boost the final sale price by between 7.5 per cent and 12.5 per cent. And because most homes do use professional styling, if yours has not been styled it can look less appealing in comparison, style your home for spring and play to the warmer weather and blue-sky days. Little touches like pulling back the curtains to let the sunlight and fresh air in can make a big difference. Place seasonal flowers around the house, and make sure that if there is an outdoor area, it is styled in a way that showcases its use to full effect, like adding a dining setting.”

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