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Selling in Spring

There is a buzz throughout the real estate industry when Spring rolls around, more stock comes on to the market and buyers turn out in full force. But why the focus on Spring over other seasons? Does the season you sell in really affect your sale price? Coming out of the cold, wintry months, homeowners are able to showcase their property in the best light – from landscape to interiors.

Generally, Spring time sees an influx of stock, which means more competition from both a vendor’s and a buyer’s perspective. Being able to present your property in the best light will increase the final sale amount. There are strategies to implement that will put you ahead of the competition. A proactive real estate agent will guide you in how to best present your property, how to market your property and will close the best deal, be it on auction day or through a private treaty.

Look at your home as an overall package – curb appeal is just as important as the interiors. Give your garden a once over, mow the lawn, sweep the pathways, prune hedges and plant fresh seasonal flowers – maintain this throughout the marketing campaign as potential buyers will drive-by any day or time of the week.

Your real estate agent will let you know what aspects of your home will appeal to buyers the most. Play up those features. Make the recommended changes, whether it be changing the tapware in your bathrooms and kitchen or changing the colour of walls. Spring is also the time when people want to be outdoors again, so use this to your advantage. Pull back the curtains and let the sunlight and fresh air in. Spring clean every inch of your home and place seasonal flowers around the house.

Putting in extra effort and working with your real estate agent on the best possible marketing campaign will put your property ahead of the competition this Spring selling season.


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