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Q&A with Nicole - Selling my home

Q. Hi Nicole, I’m thinking of selling, what are the first things I should do?

Doing some research on your competition is a good start. What other properties are available for buyers to consider right now and how they compare to your home is important to know. Are the homes in your area selling quickly? Are they presented well and styled for sale?

Once you have an idea of what’s happening around you, attending open homes and enquiring on properties through the Real Estate Agent that you're considering using is also a great way to interview them and understand the level of service and presentation they offer in a real-life scenario. How long to do they take to respond to you as a buyer? Are they helpful and accommodating? Are they knowledgeable about the property they’re representing?

Now it’s time to move on your property’s presentation and addressing little jobs that you may not have gotten around to over the years. Seeking your Agents advice at this point is advisable to avoid tackling tasks that aren’t likely to add value and increase your sale price.

We are happy to answer more questions if you'd like a bit more advice on what steps you should take when you're thinking of selling - call us on 4228 0888 for further information.

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