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Q&A with Nicole - Pest and Building Reports

Q. We’ve been looking to buy a house for over 12 months. Every time we find something we like the cost of a building inspection comes up. It’s my understanding that the owner is responsible for this cost but often it’s not provided?

In the state of NSW sellers are not required to provide a building or strata report when selling their property. Some sellers will agree to provide one and share that report to prospective buyers. They may ask for the costs to be reimbursed if the buyer proceeds to purchase.

On the flip side some buyers will still engage their own building inspector even when one is provided by the seller from a reputable provider, this can be a frustration for the seller also.

Some building report providers are now offering multiple copies at a reduced price through on-line platforms. It’s also worth asking the selling agent if the owners is prepared to provide one? They may have had several requests and decide to do so.

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