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Belle Advice: Top 5 Property Management Tips

Taking the time to find the right Property Manager to look after one of your most valuable assets is time well spent. Engaging a proactive and highly experienced Property Manager who is committed to finding the right tenant for your property and who will nurture that relationship is invaluable. This will not only ensure you have a seamless transaction but will also ensure you reap the full benefits of your investment property.

What are the important features to look out for when looking for a Property Manager? Here are our top five tips for finding the right person to represent you and your investment property.

1. Engage a Business Development Manager not a Property Manager to advertise, negotiate and lease your property to ensure you are maximising your return.

2. Ensure your property makes the best first impression by advertising with professional photography, copywriting, floorplan and property video.

3. Meet your Property Manager or Business Development Manager. Understand their qualifications, tribunal experience, workload and personality type to ensure they can effectively and efficiently manage your property.

4. Ask to see examples of inspection reports, arrears and maintenance processes including procedure checklists. This will give you a good understanding on how thorough they are and what you can expect moving forward.

5. Ensure the Property Manager or Business Development Manager can control tenants’ rent payments by using direct debit and/or credit card facilities. This will avoid any potential headaches with rental payments in arrears.


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